Emerging Curators Programme 2015-16
Developed with Melanie Oliver

Aoraki Mt Cook 12-15 November 2015 and The Physics Room 7 October – 12 November 2016.

The Physics Room and Blue Oyster Art Project Space developed a unique opportunity for professional development in the form of a two-part Emerging Curators Programme to support the development of critical exhibition practices in New Zealand. Generously funded by the Creative New Zealand Sector Development Incentive Fund, the programme was designed to challenge current models of exhibition making, generate a discursive environment and build relationships through peer mentorship, activity and connectivity. The programme was conceived and coordinated by Chloe Geoghegan and Melanie Oliver. The programme mentors were Charlotte Huddleston, Tara McDowell, Melanie Oliver and Anna Marie-White. Over the course of one year, the twelve participants developed the following exhibitions, events and publication.

Part 1 : Four Day Curatorial Intensive
Presenters: Tara McDowell Anna-Marie White Charlotte Huddleston and Melanie Oliver
Participants: Rebecca Boswell, Henry Davidson, Fayen d’Evie, Chloe Geoghegan, Amelia Hitchcock, Emma Ng, Bridget Reweti, Bridget Riggir, Balamohan Shingade, Taarati Taiaroa, Ane Tonga, Ted Whitaker

Aoraki Mt Cook, 12–15 November 2015

Seminars by presenters at Aoraki Mt Cook Village, 12-15 November, 2015.

Intensive sessions: 5min talks by participants, Aoraki walk, and open space workshop.

Part 2: A Year of Conscious Practice

Passionate Instincts (exhibition) 
Alexis Hunter, Shahriar Asdollah-Zadeh, Darcell Apelu, Ana Iti, Joanna Neumegen, val smith, Jaimee Stockman-Young
Curated by: Henry Davidson, Amelia Hitchcock, Emma Ng, and Ted Whitaker
Mentor: Anna-Marie White

The Physics Room, 8 October – 12 November 2016

Reflections and Directions and Conversational Research (public programme)
Jess Holly Bates, Ana Iti, Salote Tawale, Katie West, Matt Pine, Sorawit Songsataya, Emily Rakete
Curated by: Fayen d’Evie, Bridget Riggir, Taarati Taiaroa, Bridget Reweti
Mentor: Melanie Oliver

The Physics Room, 12 November 2016

A Year of Conscious Practice (publication)
Chloe Reith, Tim Gentles, Vera Mey, John Mutambu, Robyn Pickens, Danny Butt, Laura Preston, Alex Davison, Ioana Gordon- Smith, Louisa Afoa, Taarati Taiaroa, Bridget Riggir
Designed by: Son La Pham and Dexter Edwards
Edited by: Rebecca Boswell, Chloe Geoghegan, Balamohan Shingade
Mentor: Charlotte Huddleston

Launched 15 December 2016, available for free online.

Passionate Instincts Exhibition at The Physics Room, 2016.

Passionate Instincts Opening Performances, 7 October, 2015.
Top left and right, bottom left: val smith. Bottom right: Darcell Apelu.

Passionate Instincts Artist & Curator Discussion, 8 October, 2016.

Conversational Research independent outcomes from Public Programmes Group: critical online resources and an Australian based project.
Clockwise from top left: Fayen d’Evie with Katie West, Bridget Reweti and Salote Tawale, Bridget Riggir with Emily Rakete, Taarati Taiaroa on Matt Pine.

Reflections and Directions, the Public Programmes Group hosted a workshop/hui with the rest of the group at The Physics Room, which concluded the Emerging Curators Programme.