Feel Good Success in The Transitional City
Assay/Essay: Artist-run in Aotearoa New Zealand

Co-authored with Ella Sutherland
Edited by Gabrielle Amodeo

Enjoy Public Art Gallery, November 2016

"Feel Good Success in The Transitional City" critically reflects on why we began Dog Park artist-run space and how it related (and often didn't relate) to Christchurch's bourgeoning post-quake creative community. Originally presented as a panel paper for Curating Under Pressure, A symposium on the ethics of curating in the biennial business, University of Canterbury, 5-8 November 2015. With contributions from founders, trustees, curators and observers of artist-runs, Assay/Essay teases out some of the rich area that comprises New Zealand’s past and present artist-run activity, showcasing how invaluable artist-runs are to art in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Images courtesy of Gabrielle Amodeo and Enjoy Public Art Gallery.