Fragments, Stories, Myth: The Lives of Lost Artworks
Co-curated with Emilie Sitzia, Doreen Darnell, Ruben Van Mansum, Alice Tappenden
Publication designed and printed by Aaron Beehre, Grace Campbell, Sophie Davis, Johanna English, Rosalee Jenkin

Ilam Campus Gallery, Christchurch, 23 November – 9 December 2011


Te Taonga Kua Tahaetia... What Goes Around, Comes Around
Te Taonga O Raūmoko, Charles Tuarau (1991)

Not For Such Contempt
Blooming: A Scattering of Blossoms and Other Things, Cy Twombly (2007)

A Crime to Put it up, A Crime to Take it Down
Gorilla in a Pink Mask, Banksy (undated)

Forever Theorised, Never Realised
The Fun Palace, Cedric Price (1964)

Systematically Lost in Transit
The Lost Collection, KesselsKramer (2011)

Lost and Highly Flammable (below)
Upstream, John Ford (1927)

It has been said that conversation is a lost art. However, when it comes to talking about lost art, the conversations, the stories and the memories are free flowing. Have you ever wondered what happened to Venus de Milo's arms? Or perhaps what happens to artworks lost in transit? The history of art has always left a trail of fragments, of wonderful and horrific stories about missing artworks, and how they came to have this curious status.

An exhibition about lost, stolen and destroyed artworks with an accompanying 112 page publication that presents an experiment in curation and design, representing a collaboration between students of art history, art curatorship and graphic design at the University of Canterbury.