Ed Lust

COCA Window Project, Christchurch, 4 April – 6 May 2012

An exhibition of abstraction projections by Ed Lust, the window project was the first of this innovative series of exhibitions where the public was free view the work at any time of day or night for one month. Watch how Screensaver changes throughout the day and night at your leisure.

After the 22 February 2011 earthquake the decision was made to close COCA Gallery for an interim period so the damaged building could be assessed and arrangements made for its repair. During this time, curator Chloe Geoghegan has developed a series of innovative window projects. All local to Christchurch, it has been crucial to the COCA Trustees that the only part of the gallery that can be occupied in the gallery’s current state – that of the front window and carport – should be used in a way that allows the artists and curator to explore this new landscape and way of living and working in Christchurch. 

For the artists and curator working from within COCA, responding to the inherently fractured nature of Christchurch is no more evident than on Gloucester St, where the numerous buildings that have arisen around COCA for decades have been instantly condemned and demolished over the past year, and still are being devoured leaving all matter of structural remnants. While the Window Projects are exhibited to the street frontage and carport of COCA, it is anticipated that building repairs will commence, to make way for new tenants and other projects in the future.

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